our amazing neighbor

I want you to meet Kaitlyn, the coolest little 4th grader in San Diego.  Kaitlyn lives a few houses down from Sarah and I.  We see her all the time cruising around the neighborhood with friends and can't help but admire her for her great style (TRANSFORMERS t-shirts!!), amazing spirit and spunky little attitude.

Last week Katilyn arrived on our doorstep selling calendars (which we couldn't resist buying) and Sarah and I finally had the opportunity to ask her if she'd be willing to let us take photos of her.  Her response, "yes of course." (so nonchalant!)  But, as she informed us, this isn't the first time she's been approached about being in front of the camera- she was once told that she should be in TV commercials.  We agree. She's rad.

She stopped by our place again yesterday...and brought a present for our dog Ruca... Gotta love that. Thank you Kaitlyn.