Heeb Magazine - Heeb 100

A few months ago I shot Adam Shenkman and Ben Grubin of Hockey for the Heeb 100 issue of Heeb magazine.  Every year for the Heeb 100 the editors put together a killer list of talent to produce the portraits. Among the photographers chosen this year were some of my favorites Chris Buck, Ryan Pfluger, & Elizabeth Weinberg.  One of my shots of Adam is going to be in the traveling portrait exhibition (20 portraits out of the 100) starting tonight in NYC. Read below for more details. Go get your issue on newsstands today.

Heeb Magazine is pleased to present the fourth annual Heeb Hundred Portrait Exhibition at the 92Y Tribeca, New York. The Heeb Hundred is both a measure of where young Jews are today and a window into their future. The Heeb Hundred consists of the activists, artists and actors, musicians and movie-makers, comedians and creative-types, foodies and fashionistas, innovators and intellectuals that you need to know about.