Live the Life You Love

So I just got back from the most amazing trip to Sayulita, Mexico. It was my first time there and Sarah and I made the trek south of the border for a friends wedding. We ended up staying for a few extra days and turned it into a mini vacation.

Where do I start about this little gem of a surf town? We stayed at the Villa Amor which has the most beautiful cabanas. Being able to hear the waves crash on the beach and feel the breeze of the ocean all night is heavenly to say the least. Having fresh fish tacos and margaritas at my disposal doesn't hurt either. The town center has everything you could ever want... great food, amazing tequila, music, locals, and smiles all around. If you've never been or are thinking about going, DO IT! Ask for Oscar at the VA. He'll hook it up for you.

From left to right: VW Bus parked in the town square, stairs leading to one of the cabanas at VA, rooftop view near the square, pay phone (a rare sighting these days in the states), colorful wall, front door to someone's home, a local, an angel at the cemetery, Sayulita cemetery (literally steps from the beach), cool monkeys for sale (we bought a bunch of these), street dog (Sayulita has a lot of street dogs. If he/she doesn't have a collar, it's a street dog. When you see them playing all together on the beach you think they really have the life. Then you quickly realize that these dogs have no place to go home to. They're just animals trying to survive day to day. It's truly a sad thing...), this dog did have an owner - he would just sit there all day long and people watch, the ceiling in our cabana (love the concrete and leaves), I think this says it all, rooftop hang out at another local boutique hotel (Haffa Hotel) They have complimentary tequila there, local kids, best damn churros I have ever had in my life, and last but certainly not least, Oscar. Our new pup that we brought back from Sayulita. He cruised into our lives one morning during breakfast... he laid down next to us and took a nap. Needless to say it was all over from there (please excuse his sleepy eyes. I woke him up for these photos : )