Portland, Maine

I know it's been awhile since my last post but between travel, work, and my bout with the flu and bronchitis it's been a little crazy... Last month Sarah and I did get a chance to go back to her hometown of Portland, Maine for a couple days to visit family, eat some "lobsta" and take in a few of the sites.

Portland is an amazing little town with a few things that I had never heard of, such as Whoopie Pies, Portland style Italian sandwiches (I hear these are best eaten as a picnic on a warm summer day, not a cold drizzly day in May) , and "red"hot dogs. I'm not going to explain each one of these because I really think you just need to go there and experience them for yourselves : ) 

On a side-note, all these shots were taken with my newest old camera, a Canon EOS 1n on Kodak 400NC.