18 Days:

My father was in month nine of his battle with pancreatic cancer when my wife and I decided it would be best if he moved from Florida to Palm Springs (where we lived at the time) for whatever time remained. In a frank conversation with him about it I asked if he were sure the move would be what he wanted. “Son” he said, “do you know of that foundation that grants wishes to sick people? This would be my wish.”

We knew that the days ahead of us would be hard, but we didn’t know that they would be filled with so much beauty, so many moments that would expand our hearts. My father lived with us for eighteen days, letting go of his life here on earth with his hands in ours, taking part of us with him and leaving a part of himself with us. He was an incredible man who was full of wisdom, he had a great sense of humor and never failed to charm the ladies. Dad, we love you, we miss you, and we will forever be yours. Love, Lou & Sarah